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Special Events in South Beach

South Beach Wine & Food Festival
This is easily the most exclusive annual event in South Beach. Organized and hosted by the prestigious Food and Wine magazine, the event lasts for four days each February. Countless celebrity chefs and personalities attend it from the Cooking Channel and the Food Network, and many of these top chefs actually cook up dishes for attendees at the festival. The South Beach Wine & Food Festival also boasts hundreds of vendors selling wines, spirits, and new food products. Culinary enthusiasts will never want to leave this incredible event in South Beach.

Art Basel
Although Miami is not traditionally thought of as an artistic town in the same way that New York City might be, every year it is home to one of the biggest art events in the world. Art Basel, which typically takes place in December, transforms South Beach into a living gallery. Artists and exhibits pop up in unexpected places throughout the city, so visitors might find a sculpture display in a parking lot or an artist painting on a hotel lawn.

Miami International Boat Show
Believe it or not, the Miami International Boat Show is actually the largest annual event in the state of Florida. Attendees will get the chance to see more than 3,000 boats in one location just minutes from South Beach. Along with boats, there are fun activities for children, live music, and great pop-up restaurants in the area to cater to visitors.

Winter Music Conference
Although the name might imply that this event is held in December or January, the Winter Music Conference actually takes place at the end of March each year. Two decades ago, this conference began simply as a networking event for professionals in the entertainment industry. Today it is a festival celebrating all kinds of music in South Beach, Miami. Vendors sell headphones and new music players, live bands perform, and anyone with a love or interest in music should definitely try to attend.

Miami RiverDay Festival
Every April, the Miami River Commission designates one day to celebrating the beautiful Miami River. There are sightseeing riverboat tours, live music events along the banks of the Miami River and plenty of great food stands selling traditional local dishes. The Miami RiverDay Festival is a top way for children to learn more about the history of the area through fun activities, arts and crafts, and stories.

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