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Ocean Drive
For shoppers who aren't looking for the traditional name brands and upscale luxury clothing so often associated with South Beach and Miami in general, Ocean Drive is the perfect destination. The entire street is filled with great little stores, many of them independently owned by local Miami residents. While much of the merchandise is either clothing or accessories, there are also quite a few art galleries along Ocean Drive. This is the top shopping destination for the younger crowd in Miami, and it is especially popular with local college students.

Lincoln Road Market
Although most shoppers come to South Beach for luxury brands, Lincoln Road Market can be a refreshing change of pace. Every Sunday, a section of Lincoln Road closes down to vehicles and is only open to pedestrian traffic. This community event brings together vendors selling fresh flowers, locally grown produce, homemade foods, and incredible artwork. Visitors should spend some time strolling around this area just to see a different side of South Beach.

Collins Avenue Fashion District
When most people think of the shopping in South Beach, they are thinking about Collins Avenue Fashion District. Dozens of upscale brands are lined up in a row along this street, and it is enough to give anyone's credit card a serious workout. There are quite a few flagship storefronts along this road, particularly for luxury American brands. Just a handful of the stores in the Collins Avenue Fashion District include Guess, Kenneth Cole, Diesel Jeans, Versace, Barney's New York Co-op and Armani.

Lincoln Road Mall
If visitors get tired of window-shopping in the upscale Collins Avenue Fashion District, a more affordable alternative is the Lincoln Road Mall. This shopping area stretches along seven blocks of Lincoln Mall, and the entire area is only open to pedestrians. More than 400 different shops are located in this area, and they sell everything imaginable. Whether in the market for clothing, shoes, jewelry, toys for children, or even electronics, it is undoubtedly available somewhere along Lincoln Road Mall.

Espanola Way
For a little taste of the local culture mixed into shopping, head to Espanola Way. This shopping destination is an outside mall with plenty of beautiful Latin architecture to admire while picking up a few souvenirs. Visitors will be able to find clothing, jewelry, and accessories in Espanola Way, and there is a large collection of stores for children as well.

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